How do I measure myself for custom lingerie?

How do I know what size to select?

Why do I sometimes fit in two different bra sizes?

Why is standard bra measuring sometimes inaccurate? 


How to Measure Yourself How to measure yourself for custom panties: Run a flexible measuring tape around your natural waistline, leaving a finger between the tape and your waist to measure for a more comfortable fit. For your hip measurement, run the tape around the fullest part of your hips and bottom. Contact to request custom sizing

Measure Your Bra Size

Run a flexible measuring tape around the widest part of your chest (your bust). Next measure under your bust, just below your breasts. Add 4 to this number. This will be your bra band size.

For example, if the measurement under your bust is 30" then your bra band size will be 34.

Next calculate the difference between your bust measurement and your under bust measurement. This will give you your bra cup size. If the difference is 0" then you are an AA cup. 1" difference would be an A cup, 2" a B cup, 3" a C cup, and so forth.

You can now combine your bra band size and cup size to get your Standard Bra Size. If your under bust measurement is 30" and your bust measures 32" you will have a 34B Standard Bra Size. 

Custom sizes are available upon request. Please contact Allyson Filkins for more information via Etsy at FilkinsLingerie

Special requests are also accepted on Etsy via

Cup Size Cheat Sheet

AA      A        B        C         D       DD/E       DDD/F     G       H

0"        1"        2"       3"        4"        5"            6"          7"      8"

NOTE: Measuring for bra size is just a starting point. Measurements cannot always determine factors such as breast density, symmetry, personal preference, etc. If you are really unsure of your bra size, I recommend getting fitted in person or trying a couple sister sizes and different brands in a department store. All sales are final in my shop.